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  • Keyoh - Birthday Girl x Boy
    19 November 2021

    OUT NOW: "Birthday Girl x Boy" is shooting straight up to #1 on the official iTunes charts in Belgium

    Singer-songwriter Kéyoh is back with a new birthday anthem. Obviously, this song goes out to everyone who loves to celebrate their birthday in a chic and lavish way, as almost every Armenian celebrates it, big, bombastic and fancy. The new single "Birthday Gil x Boy" is a continuation of her last two releases “Yaribo" and "Chica Bomba“ following her new reggaeton vibes while dropping Armenian words within her flow. A song you can't miss at a Birthday bash.
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  • Keyoh - Chica Bomba (feat. Danzel)
    28 March 2021

    Out Now: Chica Bomba (feat. Danzel)

    GLOWBSTAR Entertainment is excited to introduce the new single release from singer/songwriter KEYOH, „Chica Bomba“. After a big airplay success with her previous hit-single „YARIBO“, Kéyoh is happy to announce her collaboration with „DANZEL“ who is internationally known for his smash-hit „Pump it up“. Select your platform

  • JstMsc - LUX
    06 April 2018

    OUT NOW: "LUX"

    2 years after their Debut release, JstMsc came back with a breathtaking album. Their mixture between melodic techno and atmospheric electronica, creates an outstanding musical journey. Make sure to keep them on your radar!
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  • JstMsc - Faded
    09 Feb 2017

    Out Now - Faded

    JstMsc's latest single Faded is a powerful vitalsign that teasers there upcoming major project. The track features itchy vocals and reversed played guitar samples. Even though the single is an underground-oriented techno track, you can also find some catchy parts in it. Be prepared to be blown away by the trendsetting single "Faded"!
    JstMsc - Faded. The track is now officially available on all platforms!

  • JstMsc - Wasteland
    27 October 2017


    With "Wasteland", the german DJ Duo "JstMsc" (Just Music) are releasing their follow up to "RWD". On top of that they are teasing the first track their forthcoming Album called "LUX", which will be out soon.
    The techno-ish style of "Wasteland" leads the way to JstMsc's latest sound and let's you experience a quantum of their next concept-album. On top of that it is available as FREE DOWNLOAD!

  • JstMsc - RWD
    30 June 2017

    OUT NOW: "RWD"

    Our electronic music duo is back with a powerful clubbanger!
    JstMsc - RWD. The track is now officially available on all streaming platforms or as FREE DOWNLOAD!

  • Keyoh - Eyes Wide Shut
    14 December 2016


    It's our pleasure to introduce our new partnership with 314 Records a division of Heaven Music and Antenna Group with this masterpiece. Livin R & Noisy feat. Keyoh & ShaoDow - EYES WIDE SHUT. The official music video is NOW available on YouTube and soon available on iTunes and all other common digital platforms.

  • JstMsc - Leaving This Behind
    2 July 2016

    JstMsc release their debut album "Leaving This Behind"

    Our youngsters from Jstmsc are OUT NOW with their first debut album release "Leaving This Behind" - a blend of emotional electronic deep house vibes.

  • John Damagas feat. 3rd Avenue - Back To You
    11 January 2016

    Another release on 3rd Avenue

    "BACK TO YOU" is a brand new collaboration of 3rd Avenue with the greek deejay-producer John Damagas who has already produced plenty of remixes for well known artists and released by labels like Sony Music and Universal. His sounds are epic and his passion is house music. The official music video is throughout a masterpiece of work directed by Eirini Karamanoli - a Pantheon Pictures production. Don't miss it and watch it now on YouTube.

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